About Me

I am a software engineer specializing in web applications. Most of my web development work has been done in php, but I have also used various other scripting languages/frameworks depending on the requirements of the project involved.


Currently working as a Consultant and freelance developer, I have over 10 years of experience in the field of computer science. Overtime I have developed many desktop applications and utilities, as well as enterprise web applications for my previous employers. My specialities include:

  • - Analysis, design and development of new softwares
  • - Troubleshooting and optimizing existing web/desktop applications
  • - Developing frameworks and enhancing existing frameworks and applications
  • - Managing software development teams and large projects to achieve successful results

Tools & Languages

I have previously used and currently work on the following tools and languages:

  • - C / Visual C++
  • - PHP 4 & 5, Javascript and CSS
  • - MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server & PostgreSQL
  • - CodeIgniter, Kohana, Yii frameworks and other custom designed frameworks
  • - Windows shell scripting using Javascript
  • - Apache/IIS configuration and deployment